• We recycle used tires to
    create magic !

    High impact absorption and slip-resistant qualities make rubber tiles a safe option for playgrounds. And they are quite cost-effective too.

  • Recycle …..
    and be on the Green Side.

    Used tires, after being cut, moving on a conveyer belt for shredding. In our factory, tires are re-cycled to make many utility products.

  • Do it for the
    next generation – Recycle

    We make rubber tiles from 100% recycled material. Great look, attractive colors… a green, durable alternative.

  • Let us keep our community
    and the country clean.
    Let us recycle waste.

    A huge amount of scrap tires is generated each day. Keeping tires out of landfills and recycling them is critical.

  • AlMailem strongly believes
    in the idea of “going green”

    Crumb rubber, made by cutting and processing used tires, is used as feedstock for making various finished products.

  • 100% Made from recycled material.
    100% Made in Kuwait.

    Rubber tiles make the area safer and more comfortable. Can be used for a variety of indoor applications such as Gym-surfaces.

Green Rubber Tire
Recycling Plant

Disposal of waste tires is a major problem world-wide. Used tires are traditionally dumped in landfills, which is environmentally quite hazardous.

Green Rubber Factory was established in Kuwait with the objective of providing a safer and cleaner alternative to used tires disposal. The company is part of AlMailem Group, the leading business house for tires and automotive products.

AlMailem Group has always strongly believed in being a responsible corporate citizen. In our factory, used tires are recycled and processed to produce many utility products, thereby providing economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Green Rubber has been the pioneer in introducing waste tire recycling technology in Kuwait, and today we are proud of our contribution in making our country and the planet cleaner and safer.

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Green Rubber Tire

Our main product is high-quality rubber safety tiles - for both outdoor as well as indoor use.

Crumb rubber is recycled rubber in particle-form with a granular consistency.

Wire steel is a by-product of the tire recycling process, obtained by extracting steel from old tires.

Tire-Derived-Fuel (TDF) is a fuel derived from scrap tires.


Green Rubber Tire Recycling Plant
Block 2, Plot 17, Amgrah, Kuwait